All women are invited to fellowship with the Presbyterian Women.  The women meet in small groups or “Circles”.  The Circles meet on the second Monday of each month providing an inclusive and caring community of women who study, pray and serve together.  There are morning, afternoon and evening meeting times for the various Circles.

A Spring Gathering is held on the first Monday of May and a Fall Gathering is held on the second Monday of November.  Both gatherings bring all members together and are held at Noon in the fellowship hall with a luncheon. 

Activities of the Presbyterian Women include Bible Study, a specific mission focus each month, bereavement committees, maintaining kitchen property and special fellowships.  Our offerings support local, national and international projects. Each year, the Presbyterian Women bestow the honorary life memberships recognizing faithful service of members.

The Presbyterian Women of Waldensian Presbyterian and Western North Carolina also offer scholarships!
Follow the link applicable to you:

PW Scholarship Program - Initial Application

PW Scholarship Program - Renewal Application

PW of PWNC Scholarship Application