Welcome to WPC

When you arrive at Waldensian Presbyterian Church you will see a campus full of vitality and life. We are a congregation made up of people who are very young to very old and all ages in between. We value each other and welcome any and all guests and neighbors to worship and share fellowship with us. 

What To Expect

Waldensian Presbyterian Church is unique of all Presbyterian churches in the USA as we combine our Presbyterian and Reformed tradition with the more ancient heritage of the Waldensians. In 1893 Waldensian immigrants arrived in Valdese and started the community and the congregation. Waldensians, as a religious group, are descended from a non-ordained layman in 1172 named Waldo, who preached in the language of the people and encouraged others to do the same. They were branded as heretics in the early thirteenth century and yet survived centuries of persecution and were recognized by early Protestants as the forebears of Protestantism. In 1532, they joined the Swiss Reformed Church and have been a part of that tradition ever since.  We believe today you can be Waldensian either genetically or by embracing the belief system of the Reformed Waldensian tradition of faith.

A New Members Class

Our new member class tells not only this fascinating history, it also articulates core beliefs of the Presbyterian Church USA, how we worship, and how we are structured and governed as a representative form of church government. All who call on Christ as Lord and Savior are welcome to explore our church and determine if we are a good match as a faith community for you.

Our congregation has been identified by many as friendly and welcoming and we seek to grow together as disciples of Jesus Christ.  Christ calls us to share food with our neighbors in our weekly pantry and to grow fresh produce in our community garden. We are called by Christ to teach our children how to love, and to welcome neighbor children who attend our Sunday and Wednesday programming from preschool to senior high students. Our vibrant young adult group grows together as disciples in fellowship, service and learning and all ages worship and gather together weekly in vibrant worship. In the words of Jesus’ disciples, “Come and See”!